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While Einstein proffered this as a relativistic quip, in a business context it would be extreme folly. And yet many companies do fail to think sufficiently of the future, either because of complacency, or more often because the management and staff are preoccupied with operational issues and the latest quarter. Other companies recognise the need to look beyond the imminent quarterly horizons but do not have the skills or objectivity to chart their future or bring about the necessary change. That’s where Me4U’s Strategic Analysis and Development Discipline can assist.

We offer the capability to chart your company’s future course and work with you to successfully navigate it. In particular we provide:

o  Market knowledge and market data covering different market sectors.

o  A structured and multi-touch methodology to rapidly assimilate   company knowledge and culture.

o  In-house and third-party methodologies with which to assess strategic options.

o  The ability to ‘dismember’ large complex problems into solvable components.

o  The ability to integrate the strategic with the operational.

o  Analytical skills, able to isolate problems and suggest practical solutions.
o  Business planning and modeling skills.

o  Business and supply processes improvements

o  Joint Venture and M&A skills

o  Due diligence skills and knowledge.

o  Non-heuristic methodology for market share analysis and forecasts.

When undertaking a Strategic Analysis and Development assignment, Me4U operates a ‘total immersion’ approach whereby its Discipline members fully mesh with the Client organization so as to rapidly and efficiently assimilate the relevant structure, interdependencies, issues and culture of the organisation. In addition, the ‘total immersion’ approach facilitates later stages where Me4U is working with the Client to effect the proposed changes and monitor implementation.