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If your company is about to embark on a new beginning by establishing itself in new markets, or simply wishing to review, revise or improve its route-to-market for existing products and services, then we can help. We draw on our past – where our team has extensive knowledge and experience in route and channels to market – and our insight into the future, to offer an array business-enhancing solutions and services.

For vendors wishing to extend and expand their market presence, increase channel commitment and grow sales, we provide the following services:

o       Identification of appropriately skilled channel partners

o       Channel partner recruitment and negotiation

o       Channel strategy options

o       Insight into new, improved or evolving routes to market

o       New channel business initiatives

o       Resolution of taxing channel managerial/commercial/sales problems

o       New business models

o       Marketing programs that drive sales

o       Competitive analysis and market positioning

o       End-user and channel market research and analysis

o       Development or critique of Channel Partner programs

o       Assistance in developing unique value propositions

o       Facilitation of channel business plans

o       Quantification of sales force effectiveness  

o       Market share analysis and growth strategies

In addition, for ‘off-shore vendors’ seeking to establish a presence in EMEA, we offer the ‘Channel Incubator’ - a nurture and growth competence centre where the vendor receives direct assistance and help by out-tasking the complete establishment and management of its EMEA business to Me4U - until critical mass has been achieved or agreed milestones reached.

Within the Channel Incubator we provide all the services necessary to achieve sales and customer support. The inclusion of a specialist channel sales company within our ecosystem of collaborating companies, allows us to provide an experienced team of in-country technical Account Managers who act as the vendor’s representative in their home European country, selling direct to large entities and indirect via reseller channels to SMBs.

This service provides the ‘off-shore vendor’ with virtual sales offices in all key European markets; phones are answered in the vendor’s name, account managers carry the vendor’s business cards, company contracts used and the vendor’s culture promoted. To the customer, they appear as part of the vendor’s team. The benefit to the vendor is having an ‘immediate’ sales and marketing capability without the cost of a physical set-up in the market, building out facilities and hiring a direct team.

For the downstream commercial organisations that stock, influence, sell and support vendor solutions (distributors, systems integrators, value-added resellers) we offer services and capability that:

o       Maximise supply and marketplace returns

o       Create new businesses and revenue streams

o       Sanitises and as necessary re-vectors strategy

o       Evaluates acquisition targets

o       Measures and improves sales force effectiveness

o       Benchmark you against your competitors

o       Identifies suitable collaborative (ecosystem) solution partners

o       Canvasses the opinions and attitudes of customers and suppliers

o       Champion and lobby vendors and industry bodies on your behalf

o       Provides market share analysis and growth strategies